Sunday, 20 February 2011

OVER THE HILL by Roberto Foddai

OVER THE HILL by Roberto Foddai

Jane discovered Roberto and suggested that I contact him which I did and we met at the cafe at Curzon Soho where he produced two hats which he thought we could use on the shoot which was scheduled for the following week. One hat was a skull cap with horns. The other he said had some ironic wording on it and turned it over and I saw the words "Over the Hill"which was amazing because only a week before I had chosen "Over the Hill" as the title for the project but, at that stage, I had not told anyone. It was meant to be.

We met for the shoot on 22nd January 2009 at Waterloo Station. He explained that he was going to photograph me outside under the railway arches but then he looked over my shoulder at the platform and said he would try one there. He wangled his way on to a platform and took this wonderful shot. It has everything - great composition, the title and it is in my favourite railway station. We did to go to the arches
and took some more shots with the other hat but it was no contest when it came to choosing the image for my project.

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