Sunday, 20 February 2011

ONE SHOT by Harald Haughan

ONE SHOT by Harald Haughan

When I was working as a solicitor, some days I would look out of the window of my office overlooking the high street in the village where I worked. There was an ironmonger’s shop opposite and, every day at about 5.25pm, the ironmonger would bring in the display of house signs, bags of manure, a wheelbarrow and a bright metal dustbin ("those four malign implements") amongst other things. He locked his door at 5.30 and turned out the lights. The TV screen flickered in the sitting room of the flat above the shop where he lived. I imagined him taking his till tray up to the flat to cash up. He would then stretch out in front of the six o’clock news with a cup of tea made by his wife. He might snooze and then be awoken by his call to the tea table. All the while I worked on, waiting for my call. 

Every time I sit and relax in this chair I give thanks for my deliverance. 

Harold came to my home on 4th October 2008 and took many photographs - this was one of them. It only takes one shot.

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