Wednesday, 23 February 2011

OFF STAGE by Julius Windels

OFF STAGE by Julius Windels
I met Jules at the chocolate factory in Kent run by him and his wife and we talked a lot about myself in order to enable him to get to know me.

Afterwards, Jules wrote to me saying that he had two shots in mind; one would concentrate on the fragility of self imposed duty and the other on how society forces its will on supposed personal freedom.

He asked me to bring along certain clothes to the shoot including the suit that I used to wear to work and I am wearing that suit in the this image. The photograph was really just intended to be a test shot but, as often happens, it showed more than was anticipated. For years, I was weighed down by duty; duty to my firm and my partners, to my family, to my clients and all the time I was just waiting for the opportunity to perform on my own account.
Julius Windels

Parkinson's Disease has given me that opportunity and I have grabbed it with both hands. I am no longer waiting - it is here. Now. It was no-one's fault that I had to wait, apart from possibly my own, so no-one is to blame. I had good times as a lawyer but now the real me has taken centre stage.

And the real me has a sweet tooth and so, imagine my delight when, after the shoot,  Jules invited me back to the chocolate factory to make some Easter Eggs for the family. What a lovely day!

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