Saturday, 26 February 2011

MOTHER by Patricia Pastore

MOTHER by Patricia Pastore
This shot formed part of a project called "Contemplating Mortality" which Patricia developed around and about me, a man who just happens to have Parkinson's Disease. It was a private study by her which examined my reaction to the illness.

We met at Fulham Broadway station and talked about the two of us. Then over a period of months, we revisited places from my past, Finchley, West Wittering and Guildford and combined still photography with video film of me performing pieces which I had written about my mother and myself. This particular shot, which is a favourite of both of us, was taken on a lovely day at the Marylebone Cemetery where both my parents are buried. I had written a piece about my mother a few years ago and I performed it at the graveside.

Patricia Pastore
Patricia presented the project at the Photofest in Houston Texas in March 2008 where it was highly acclaimed. She is a serious person who takes her art seriously butt she does have a sense of humour. By her own admission, she is a terrible actress.

She very kindly came to support me when I appeared on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and she again took some great photographs. I hope that we might work together again one day.

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