Saturday, 26 February 2011

MMM!! by Sarah Markillie

MMM!! by Sarah Markillie
Sarah was introduced to me by Steve Grogan, a Senior Events Co-ordinator at the charity, Parkinson's UK.  He was chatting to her and mentioned my project and she was very keen to be involved. Her speciality is food photography so, when we met at Waterloo Station (I love that place - I even love typing its name), I suggested maybe a photograph combining food and me. Subsequently, she had the brilliant idea to photograph my head inside a jelly with me breathing through a straw.

We met at her flat on 5th December 2009 and she explained that she had made a jelly which she had hoped she could plop on my head and as I shook so would the jelly. However, the jelly hadn't set hard enough. We tried it on a plate but that didn't work either. Then I suggested that, if I laid down in her bath, she could pour the jelly all over my face. So I stripped down to my pants and climbed into her bath and she poured red jelly all over my face but it was so runny that it didn't stay there so I scooped it up and washed my face in the lovely sticky stuff - voila! A photograph! Taken by a very good photographer and all round nice person.

Great fun and yet another new experience - washing in raspberry jelly in a flat in Raynes Park!


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