Wednesday, 23 February 2011

MILES AWAY by Sarah Howe 26th March 2009

MILES AWAY by Sarah Howe

This photograph is part of Sarah's Series "Lights Out" which explores the contradictions of modern life. The paradox of public intimacy, the unfulfilled need for human connection and relationships lost in a media saturated world of images. "Positioned at a unique distance from isolation", the subjects in the series appear to offer themselves willingly for observation. Their vulnerability exposed.

I went up to Harrow with my bedclothes and Sarah photographed me from above with a large format camera. The reason why my arm is behind my head is that, as I lie down to sleep, I always shake. Usually, it wears off and I fall to sleep. However, if the tremors are particularly bad, I put my left hand behind my head and this kind of anchors it and makes it easier for the shaking to stop.

Sarah Howe (right)
Sarah graduated with a BA in Photographic Arts from Westminster University in June 2010. She is currently working on a number of personal projects as well as assisting fine art and commercial photographers in London.

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