Saturday, 26 February 2011


Groman was advertising on Gumtree (yes, still hanging in there) as a "starting artist" for male and female nude models so l sent him my usual email and he replied positively. However, by the time we got together, his nude project had finished. Nevertheless, he was still very interested in working with me and we met at the Camera Club in Kennington where he outlined a copule of ideas centred around a religious theme.

We met at the Camera Club again on 19th January 2010 and we concentrated on about four different poses but it was this one which struck me the most. I was very impressed with the photographs. I love how Groman has overlaid Metraton's Cube over the image - I understand that the cube has a resonance with The Flower of Life which seems particularly appropriate in that flower is seemingly embedded in and grows from my forehead and is holding the whole of the visible part of my body together.


He described himself as a Starting artist but to me has come of age and, as you will see from the work on his website, it should not be long before he establishes himself as a successful portrait photographer.


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