Sunday, 27 February 2011

ME by Tim Andrews

ME by Tim Andrews

When I went down to the woods that day with Liz Orton in March 2010, she suggested that I did a self portrait and very kindly allowed me to use her camera. We had already taken some shots in the wood with me wearing a suit and carrying balloons but then went on to some nude shoots. It was a bit dodgy because it was mid morning and there were some dog walkers about.  I have absolutely no problem with nudity but  I do not like to offend anyone and, if they are planning a leisurely walk with their dog, they are not necessarily expecting to come across a naked man.

But there is something very liberating about being nude outside and in public.  I suppose that makes me an exhibitionist but I don't care what anyone calls it -  I love it. So, curling up on a leafy forest floor completely naked is really a very nice feeling. 

Apart from all that, it was also quite a thrill taking a self portrait with a decent camera and I don't think it came out too badly. I like the fact that although my skin is quite pale in contrast to the leaves, they both have the same tone. It is a very romantic picture in a fairy tale sense.

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