Monday, 14 February 2011

LOST AND FOUND by Isabel Albert

LOST AND FOUND by Isabel Albert
Isabel is a portrait and social documentary photographer based in London although she was born in Germany. She has recently completed her photography Degree at Middlesex University. Whilst in her second year, l answered her advert on gumtree. She was looking for people with disabilities to photograph as part of her second year project.

She came to my home on 3rd April 2008 and asked if we had an empty room where she could photograph me  - an empty room? In our house? Our house is so full of "stuff" so we decided to use the garden instead.

I was particularly struck by how she captured in the photograph the blank expression which typifies the visage of people with Parkinson's Disease although, in fact, this picture was taken at a time when I was actually feeling more expressive soon after starting on the heavier medication.

After the shoot, as it was a beautiful spring day, Isabel and her boyfriend, Neil, who came along as well, looked around Milford before returning to London.

I met them both recently at the opening of the exhibition at The Lightbox and they were both as charming as ever. A great photograph that means a lot to me and a great photographer.


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