Monday, 21 February 2011

LOOK IN MY DIRECTION by Robyn Minogue - 28th November 2008

Robyn was studying at the University of the Arts in Camberwell when she advertised for models to be photographed as part of her project and she agreed to use me.

She was interested in the ideas of transitional states and the ways in which humans experience different states of reality and how photography orks within these realities. She was focussing on the clown as a motif of these transitional states because a clown historically inhabits a separate reality and the clown actor himself travels between worlds within the performance.

Well, as a bear of little brain, I just about understood what she was after and of course I said yes! We met at the National Film Theatre bar and she showed me her wonderful portfolio and then, a few weeks later, she shot the photographs at my home with a medium format camera and this was one of my favourite images from that day.

Robyn Minogue

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