Saturday, 26 February 2011

LONG AGO by Leigh Keily

LONG AGO by Leigh Keily
Every so often, in an attempt to find something new and unusual, I trawl through the internet by putting a name, any name, maybe just a christian name into google search followed by the word 'photographer' and see what comes up. Then, if I find any work that interests me I look for links to other sites and come across a photographer such as Leigh which is just about how it happened with him. 

What I liked so much about Leigh's work was not only the clarity of the images and the engagement with the sitter but also the beautiful tones of the backdrop. Why that should be so important or significant, I don't know but it is all part of the image of course and Leigh seems to take such care to make it right. I love the green backdrop to this portrait. When I first contacted Leigh he said that he was working on the theme of nostalgia and, although this was taken in his home studio, and not in a place of memory for me, it does have a nostalgic feel to it. Maybe it is the little tuft of hair on the top of my head like a baby's hair.

We met first for a coffee to get to know each other and we each looked at the other's portfolio. His was extremely impressive, indeed one of the best I had seen. I then attended the shoot at his home on 17th December 2009 and we had a good time talking and trying different poses which included me closing my eyes and reciting a recent dream whilst he photographed me.

Afterwards, he sent me two images both of which were magnificent but in the end I plumped for the happier expression. It's strange but I have had some weird and wonderful photographs taken by other photographers but  I do have a real soft spot for Leigh's quiet and contemplative studies.

Leigh Keily

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