Saturday, 26 February 2011

LEPAGE by Lisa Wassman

LEPAGE by Lisa Wassman 
I saw Lisa's work in the "Dazed & Confused" magazine and looked up her website and I really liked her stuff so, on 22nd October 2009, I sent her an email and she replied, positively, that day asking where I was based. I replied the following day saying that we were in Milford but that often I came up to town. I knew that she was German but asked if she came over to the UK ever. She replied saying that she was in London but she was leaving in a few days. Within 24 hours she was photographing me and within a week I had received a set of images from her. One of the quickest ever!

She suggested that we meet at St James's Park tube and then walk over to the lake for some photographs but, first of all, she photographed me feeding squirrels which I had never done before. Then we took some shots on the bridge over the lake but, on the way back, we noticed a little boy dancing on a grille on the ground through which a light was shining. By now it was dusk and Lisa asked me to do the same and as soon as the boy ran off, I took his place and did a slow motion jig.

The other shots were good but this was by far the best because it was so dramatic and because it was unplanned and spontaneous and we both had the same idea as soon as we saw the boy dancing. We then adjourned to the pub and each had a beer. Somehow, it seemed right to see Lisa with a pint in her hand. She is the sort of person whom I am sure can handle herself in most situations but underneath she really is sweet and gentle and a thoroughly nice person. She also takes very good photographs.


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