Sunday, 27 February 2011

INVISIBLE by Harry Borden

INVISIBLE by Harry Borden
Harry was recommended by loads of photographers and so I was thrilled when he agreed to photograph me.He is a great artist with a deserved reputation. He explained that he had a studio in the West Country but that he came to town quite a lot and so it was that we met in London. I told him that I would be prepared to do anything in front of the camera but, when it came to it, I proved myself wrong. He suggested that we drive around London to look for a location and perhaps do some nude shots. I said that I had no problem with nudity but in broad daylight in London, maybe not.

We ended up on the Serpentine and hired a boat in which the two of us plus his assistant, Eleonora, set  off into the water. Harry hardly says a word in emails but when I met him, he couldn't stop talking and I knew almost his whole life story after about half an hour. He chatted and clicked away and then suggested that he got out of the boat and I rowed it on my own. However, I was not confident of rowing on my own so I pulled out of that as well.  So much for my boast that I would do anything in front of a camera.

We got away with not paying the full cost of Three in a Boat which prompted him to tell me a story about himself and his visits to service stations and train journeys............

I love this picture which was the only one he sent to me but you can see why he is so much in demand.

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