Thursday, 17 February 2011

IN THE BEDROOM by Ciaran Griffin

IN THE BEDROOM by Ciaran Griffin
This is the title of a brilliant film made by Todd Field. It refers to the rear compartment of a lobster trap known as the “bedroom” and the fact that it can only hold up to two lobsters before they begin to turn on each other.
The film says so much about the relationships that exist in a family albeit in somewhat extreme, tragic circumstances. 

However, to me, the bedroom is where one starts and ends the day, argues, resolves issues and sleeps on them. When one is young, it is your own room, a sanctuary away from the rest of the family and its goings on. 

Ciaran is a freelance photographer based in London. His photographs are very direct and have a purity and clarity which brings out the warmth and humanity of the subject.

Ciaran asked me to be included in his project which consisted of photographing different people in bed or in their bedrooms. The shoot took place at my home on 22nd October 2008.


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