Sunday, 27 February 2011

HOLLAND PARK by Silvia Brizi

HOLLAND PARK by Silvia Brizi

Silvia was one of the last, if not the last Gumtree photographer. We met for a chat in Notting Hill and we got on well and agreed to meet up soon for a shoot. Subsequently, we sent each other links to our respective Flickr pages and I particularly liked her "Jump" photograph and suggested to her that we try something similar so long as it didn't look like a 58 year old man with one foot in the air. 

We met in Holland Park and spent a very pleasant few hours strolling around trying different locations. We found a large fallen tree trunk which I jumped off and wondered when I landed if I had done some permanent damage - luckily not. The eventual pictures of my jump did not really work but there were some excellent shots from which I chose my favourite. I look a bit serious but it really was a fun day.
Silvia Brizi

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