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HELP by Alyona Larionova 22nd April 2009

HELP by Alyona Larionova
Alyona assisted Kiest on her shoot and afterwards contacted me and said that she too would like to take part in the project. She thought that when most photographers contacted me, they had an idea already in their minds and wanted me, as the model, to fit in to that idea. However, she felt it would be interesting if l commissioned her to do what l wanted.

It was difficult to think of anything at first but then I plumped for an idea suggested by an advertisement I had seen on London Underground which had a statue in the background. We discussed this over a few weeks and ended up travelling to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield and Kiest came along too. There were some magnificent statues there and it would have been good to have been able to pose nude as most of the figures were naked. However, there were too many people about, including schoolchildren, and so we decided against that.

Nevertheless, we came upon an empty plinth and I said that, if I was going to pose nude anywhere, it would have to be there. We waited for people to disperse and when the coast seemed clear, I quickly undressed and ran up the steps to the top and stood there as Alyona clicked away. Suddenly, I saw a dog appear from the undergrowth followed by its lady owner holding its lead. I tore down the steps and dressed but the woman had seen me and just laughed so maybe we should not have worried.

It was a beautiful day and very successful so far as the pictures were concerned. The following day I was in hospital with a kidney stone - thank God that didn't happen in the park.

Kiest and Alyona

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