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HEAVY IS THE HEAD by Louis Connelly -- 5th December 2008

HEAVY IS THE HEAD by Louis Connelly

Isn't this a great photograph?

Louis was in his second year at the London College of fashion when he advertised for models on yes, you've guessed it, Gumtree. We met in the cafe at the Curzon Cinema, Soho and immediately it was clear that he was a really nice, gentle guy. In fact, I don't know what it is about photographers but all those I have met have been really nice people.

Sung-Hee and me
Anyway, Louis and I corresponded for many months and he explained that he wanted to do some Marilyn Manson type shots and so it was that we met at his home studio in Bethnal Green and he introduced me to Olivia, his stylist, and Sung-Hee Park, his make up artist. It was a really fun shoot as Jane came along too. We tried various costumes but with the same make up and Louis shot on a large format camera. I just love those cameras! - I just love observing the process of inserting the plate then setting up the shot, twiddling the knobs, finalling taking the picture and then starting all over again. It is so much more real than a digital photograph.

This image reminds me of Jane's painting "Secrets Travel Fast" because, like the guy in her painting, I am wearing an expression of self importance and of being in total command and total control of my little world which in fact seems amounts to nothing but which consists of everything important and essential to me.

by Jane Andrews
It was such an enjoyable day because the people were fun but worked very hard and conscientiously, Jane was there and I got to dress up and wear make up . What could be better?

Louis Connelly




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