Wednesday, 23 February 2011

HAPPY DIAGNOSIS by Alessandra Bester

HAPPY DIAGNOSIS by Alessandra Bester
I answered Alessandra's advert for people to partake in her Hidden Emotions project. However, it has since developed into a more personal collaboration the main purpose of which is to document the progress of my illness by photographing me each year on the anniversary of my diagnosis on 28th October 2005.

It is intended that each year on that date, I shall return to see Alessandra and she will photograph me with the previous photographs also in the picture.

This photograph was taken in 2009 and shows the original photograph taken by Alessandra.

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for Alessandra not just because she is a great photographer but because she is bringing up her lovely son, Ethan, who is autistic, on her own whilst trying to live a life and work at the same time and she appears to be managing it but obviously it is hard.

Alessandra Bester

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