Monday, 21 February 2011

FULL MEMBER by Pedro Paz Lopez - December 2008

FULL MEMBER by Pedro Paz Lopez
Pedro was yet another guy who advertised for a model on Gumtree (by now, I had become addicted to the site). I asked if he would like me to model and I told him my story.

He replied "Let me explain you this project a little bit. I have to do an environmental portrait, it could be anywhere but not in a studio. I am trying to do something very personal. I do not want a simple portrait with a plain background. I would try to do something very personal. Let me know a little bit of you, where you did work and hobbies"

Well, I gave him a potted life story and we ended up at Lord's cricket ground. I am extremely proud to be a member of the MCC. I adore cricket, the history, the traditions, the rules, the competition, the drama, the white kit, the personalities, Test Match Special on the radio and meeting friends and talking about everything under the sun (or rain) and sometimes but not always, slowly getting pissed as the day passes by. At Test matches at Lord's there is a wonderful hum from the crowd. On my first day as a member, I presented myself at the door of the Pavilion and showed the steward my membership card ."Thank you, Sir" he said. I asked him where I could sit."Wherever you like", he replied. Magic.

The day we shot at Lord's it was freezing winter weather but it was sunny. It was strange being photographed by Pedro, a Spaniard who knew little about cricket, but he understood how I felt and he really captured the atmosphere of the place in the pictures and my sense of pride and my love of the sport.

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  1. -Bored and seems like the work of an amateur without much knowledge of art.
    -Aburrido y poco profesional. parece el trabajo de un amateur sin mucho conocimiento de arte