Friday, 18 February 2011

FREE by Marc Jennings

FREE by Marc Jennings

Marc is one of Jane's closest friends. They went to the same art school and they both graduated in 1994. He is now living in France and so, when we travelled over to see Pascal Renoux, we took a day out to travel south to Isle de L'Orion to visit Marc who had already agreed to photograph me.

His house is a converted oyster hut and he wanted me to stand amongst the oyster beds holding two mobiles to which were attached little plastic toys or parts of them which Marc had found on the beach. We went to the beach and took the same shots as before. I suggested that, as I was holding mobiles full of toys, it might be more appropriate for me to run and I did so and hopped up and down as I went. Once Marc and Jane stopped laughing, he took this wonderful picture which encapsulates just  how I feel at the moment - vibrant, happy, in love with life and free! Marc captured this brilliantly.

Typically, I wanted to do more, more, more and on the way back to the car which we had parked in the woods close to the beach, I was desperate to strip off again and do a woodland pose but I kept my mouth shut because I felt that probably I had already had too much of a good time.

Marc is a wonderful painter and photographer and more of his great work can be viewed on his website, the link to which is below, especially his exploration of the 'absurd adventure' of our civilisation through his photographs of discarded plastic toys and other objects. He has a wonderfully dry sense of humour and is a lovely, lovely guy - the right sort of guy to take a photograph like this.


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