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FIX YOU by Katie O'Gorman 5th March 2009

FIX YOU by Katie O'Gorman
Katie originally took some pictures of me dancing to the song "Fix You" by Coldplay. Not only was that one of and my favourite songs, it was very apposite in that Katie had suffered from a long illness herself and had found it very difficult to work. She seemed just on the verge of getting better when we met in the Albion pub in Farnham.

We agreed that Katie would photograph me dancing to their song "Fix You". The photographs were so good that we arranged a second shoot at my home and this porduced this wonderful still life of my main medication, Madopar. 

The title of the image was still accurate in that, since I went on the heavier drugs, my life and sense of well-being has improved improved considerably. In fact, one person asked whether I would like to be rid of the disease and go back to what I had before. I said that, no, I was quite happy with Parkinson's thank you. 

I asked my consultant how much better that I would feel with the medication. He said that I would feel 75% better. He was right.

Katie O'Gorman

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