Saturday, 26 February 2011

FEET FIRST by Jeremy Morley

FEET FIRST by Jeremy Wragge Morley
Jeremy is a very good friend and a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable photographer. Although he has a day job, it would do him a disservice to call him an amateur photographer because he has exhibited and sold his work many times over the years. He is, like me, married to an artist, the lovely, ethereal Fiona who has a wicked sense of humour under the cover of gentleness that compliments perfectly Jeremy's own considered and thoughtful manner.

Anyway, enough of all that. What about this photograph? Well, Jeremy was an obvious person to approach to take part in this project because his work is so good. He had very specific ideas about how he wanted to photograph me but I had no real idea what they were. The photograph which he eventually presented to me was a collage of images highlighting my flight from my legal career and the ticking clock of the rest of my life, the clock that I no longer tried to beat but now filled with more precious and creative activity. It was so impressive and very moving.  I felt humbled by the fact that he had gone to so much trouble and given so much thought to creating such an image. That said, I preferred the simplicity of my chosen picture but it was a close run thing.

Also, the title has some significance. When my grandfather, Gerald, died in 1950 ( a year before I was born), my mother asked that the pall bearers took him out of the church feet first as that was always his wish. Not that I am ready to go just yet. No, maybe in five years' time, just before my 65th birthday so my life insurance pays out just before my income stops being paid and before I become a burden or more of a burden to my family.


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