Wednesday, 23 February 2011

FAIRY IN THE GARDEN by Dana Mendonca

FAIRY IN THE GARDEN by Dana Mendonca
Dana advertised for a mature female model and, of course, in my relentless pursuit of photographers I contacted her. She inquired initially about my profession before I was forced to retire and said she would like to represent that in the photograph in some way. I was a solicitor, as you can see!

Dana  was born in Czechoslovakia and, at the time I contacted her, she had enrolled as a mature student in the photography course at London South Bank University where this photograph was shot. Her dream is to become a wildlife photographer so shooting a fairy is at least a start.

We met and got to know each other and had an initial shoot trying out some ideas at the studio. Then I suggested that it might be cool to shoot me as a fairy and then transpose me into my garden, which was quite appropriate because at the time we were thinking of selling our lovely house and the photograph would somehow be a means of me continuing to inhabit the garden where I loved to be.

We had a fun filled shoot at the Uni trying out various fairy poses assisted by her fellow student, Anita Lasocka (more off whom later). This shot would not have worked because my arms went above the back cloth but unfortunately due to her commitments at Uni, Dana was unable to travel down to my home to take the garden photographs. So, it was not to be but I think this image works quite well on its own.

Another pose

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