Monday, 28 February 2011

EVERYDAY IS A HOLIDAY by Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz)

EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY by Natalie Dybisz

I came across Natalie's wonderful work on Flickr where she presents herself under the name of Miss Aniela. She produces such exciting romantic pictures a lot of which are gravity defying self portraits. There is colour, sensuality, wit and verve in her pictures. No wonder I wanted to work with her.

We met in the bar of The Bridge cafe in Shoreditch and I have to say that I was very surprised when I met her as she is very different to her alter ego, Miss Aniela, in that she is petite, well turned out and slightly bashful but clearly has a strong intelligence and she thinks very deeply about her work but doesn't always take it too seriously. I do feel that her self portraits are a means of presenting a side of her character that normally remains hidden. She asked me what attracted me particularly to her work and I explained that it was honest and expressive about her personally and it struck a chord because I want to express myself too and I am not afraid to do so.

 We talked about ideas and the general feeling between us was that we would find an abandoned building and go from there. Her initial ideas were to create images that were happy and celebratory, joyful but not cheesy. She wondered whether a derelict building had a place in this scheme. I said that I felt that, as my condition was continuing to worsen and my consultant had said that in 5 year's time "the cracks would begin to show", the dereliction would represent the ruinous nature of my previous work as a lawyer and the gradual worsening of my condition.

Natalie found a great location in the abandioned hospitala in Hackney and I told her of my idea of a variation on her clone photographs. I thought of me as an a entertainer in a tuxedo and my grandfather's top hat leading a naked child (also me) by the hand. We met at her flat aand then went on to the hospital. It was a bit eerie but the great thing about this day was that we had the permission of the security guard to be there so we weren't going to be disturbed. We started off in the operating theatre where, amazingly, the lights were still working.

We then found the playroom and we tried the clone picture. It was Natalie's idea to keep in the light and again her idea to reduce the size of the naked me to a child like size. The photograph went well beyond my wildest expectations and I loved what she had done. 
Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela

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