Saturday, 26 February 2011

EVENING DRESS by Anita Lasocka

EVENING DRESS by Anita Lasocka
I  met Anita when she assisted another photographer, her fellow student Dana Mendonca, on a shoot which took place at South Bank University sometime in 2009. At that time, she indicated that she would like to use me as her model.

Later she wrote to explain her ideas for the proposed shoot. She wanted to take black and white images which would have a connection with my disease. This was part of a project examining the emotions people encounter when  facing their own illness or death or those of people close to them. She wanted to base the photographs on the five stages of grief by Kubler-Ross, mainly the last two namely depression and acceptance. She remembered particularly that I  had written about my feeling very uncomfortable with the shaking of my hands and so she wanted to cover them in black in an attempt to hide them.

The shoot took place at her home in Dalston and I brought with me some black bandages which were wrapped around my head and my hands and my feet. This was the most stark and affecting of the images which Anita sent to me afterwards, although she said that she found it a bit galling when people said when viewing this image, "Nice radiator!"

She asked me to bring my brain scans along too and so my brain joined in the party. We also had a second shoot where we tried out different poses including some nude shots but they didn't work out so well - not helped by the fact that I brought the scan of my kidney stones by mistake instead of the brain scans. However, notwithstanding the depressing nature of the ideas behind the images, I liked very much what Anita produced and we had a happy time working on them and discussing photography and photographers in general.
Anita Lasocka with Dana

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