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"MAN IN CORNER" by Inzajeano Latif - 21st Nov 2009

"MAN IN CORNER" by Inzajeano Latif
Inzajeano, another very talented photographer from Middlesex University, advertised on Gumtree for people to take part in his series "This is Tottenham". I was particularly keen to be involved as I am a life long supporter of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

On the day of the shoot, in November 2009, Inzajeano met me in the Tottenham High Road and took me to the location he had chosen for the shoot. He did not have much time but set the shot up quite quickly. He shot on film and, as it was in a dark space, he said that it was important that I kept as still as possible. However, the more he asked to do this, the more I began to shake. Nevertheless, the final image was brilliant and yet the whole shoot could not have taken more than thirty minutes.

Later that year, one of Inzajeano's "Female Boxers" series was chosen to be part of the Taylor Wessing Prize Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and also it was chosen as the photograph to advertise the show and so it appeared all over London Underground for a while.

Inzajeano Latif (left)

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