Monday, 21 February 2011

DISABLED by Abi Brownlie - 20th October 2008

DISABLED by Abi Brownlie
Abi's advertisement on Gumtree read "Recovered Addicts wanted for Photographic Project". The fact that I was completely unsuited for a particular photographer's project never put me off contacting the photographer as I had learned already that he or she maybe interested in photographing me anyway. And so it was with Abi. She was undertaking a photography degree course at Middlesex University and was  living in Barnet North London and so I suggested we meet close by in Avenue House Park in Finchley which was just opposite Templars Crescent, where we used to live when I was a child. In fact, I was born there.

It was a rather dull autumn day and I sat and waited on a bench overlooking the grassy area where I had played so many times in the past. An old man was sitting nearby. Eventually, a young girl pushing a baby in a buggy wandered past. I watched as the girl approached the old man and began to chat to him. I wasn't particularly interested but, as I looked at my watch to check the time, I saw the girl produce a camera and lift it to take a photograph of the old man. I stepped forward and asked if she was Abi. She said she was. I introduced myself and she said that the old man had said he was Tim too and so she was just about to photograph him. Once we sorted all this out, she explained that she still managed, with help, to attend University and look after her baby. She shot a couple of rolls of film on her 35 mm camera as I posed in various spots around this part of the park. I chose this image because I thought it was amusing that the disabled sign was pointing at me. It is also a very good photograph.

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