Wednesday, 23 February 2011

THE DAY IS DONE by Petra Kubisova 16th February 2009

THE DAY IS DONE by Petra Kubisova

I first came across Petra's work at her degree show at the Truman Brewery building in Brick Lane. It featured not only a self portrait of her sitting naked in a kitchen sink but also some very moving portraits of her and her mother together.

There was a clarity and simplicity about these pictures which was very involving and so I was very keen to explore the possibility of working with her.

We met a few times before she came down to Milford to photograph me. Petra is the nicest person. She was formerly a dancer (how else could she fit herself into a sink?), she comes from the Czech Republic and talks very quickly and, although she takes her work very seriously, she also has a permanent smile in her eyes.

This shot was taken in our house but we also worked in an empty building nearby. Trouble was, the building was being sold and the surveyor was scheduled to carry out an inspection that day but I had asked the estate agents to telephone me when he was on his way. They didn't and so, imagine our panic when there was an officious knock on the door with me standing naked with my head wrapped in bandages. Petra quickly unwrapped my head whilst he rapped the door again and then she let him in and mumbled something about an art project as I, having scooted upstairs, rapidly got dressed. The surveyor seemed totally unconvinced. Oh well, something for him to tell the wife when he got home.

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