Wednesday, 23 February 2011

COCOON by Jagna Olejnikowska 6th March 2009

COCOON by Jagna Olejnikowska
I was introduced to Jagna by another Polish photographer, Lukasz Przewlocki, and we shot this in his home studio in Brockley, South London. She lives in Poland but took my picture when on a short visit to the UK.

Jagna wrapped me up in silver and gold gauze and first of all I sat on a couch and she photographed me from the front and then I laid down and she photographed me again but I was shaking like mad because the gauze was so constricting. The little hook of light which you can see on the right of the picture was a reflection of the sun through the window and, apart from the green backdrop, all the rest was created in post production by Jagna.

She wanted it to look like a cocoon which suggests a rebirth but one constricted by my disease. Ironically, having Parkinson's has given me great freedom but at the cost of being trapped inside a body which is slowly succumbing to the symptoms of the illness. But, who cares when I can get to meet and work with the likes of a wonderful photographer like Jagna? 


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