Sunday, 20 February 2011

CHANCE by Lucas Lockie

CHANCE by Lukasz Przewlocki
Lucas (or Lukasz as I know him) advertised on Gumtree saying "Your inspiration for my photography and graphic design skills". I wrote to him explaining about this project and he replied:-

"I was genuinely moved by your proposition. I've been thinking about it a lot already.
 I imagine this project would be of very high value for me - being very true, if I can handle it properly.
 A few words about me: I'm 31 years old and I've lived in London for 3 years already. I'm working as a graphic designer, but I'm also an award winning photographer, exhibiting my works here and in the country I'm coming from - Poland. I studied there photography, graphic design and physics (I'm MSc in physics).
 My home studio is located in Brockley, London.
As I'm working full time, weekends are best options for me.
I'd like to discuss with you all the details before we arrange the photo shoot, to make sure that you accept my ideas completely. I'd be happy to hear about your ideas too.
And please don't worry - money isn't a problem.
Kind regards,

Since then we have met quite a few times for shoots. This image came about by "chance" at the end of one such occasion. Lukasz had been trying out various methods of lighting to create light and shadow and it came to an end but, as he turned off one light, he saw what he wanted and got this shot. Lukasz is never quite finished. This is not to suggest that the shot was just an accident. It was to a small degree but then, there is always an element of "chance" in a photo shoot and that is so exciting. I have experienced myself this when making my films. Lukasz is a very keen observer and plans how he wants to shoot and, in the pre-planning and the the shoot itself, he hunts for the best expression, composition and lighting. He prefers to 'find' situations such as expressions or body poses as a result of one's natural state or movement rather than accurately design these in advance. However, when he sees something during the shoot that looks great, his power of accuracy and attention to detail kick in automatically and he ends up with an image as superb as this one of me. He creates the potential for something to happen as opposed to forcing it. So the title "Chance'' is somewhat of a misnomer in that the final image was part of a bigger plan arising from an idea formed in advance of the shoot. As someone once said, chance or luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

I have had some memorable times with him. Two in particular come to mind First his marriage to his lovely wife Momoko to which I was very honoured to be invited and, secondly, the shoot in early Spring 2010 on the Thames when I was so cold that my only pose in the end was hugging myself to try to keep warm. I thought we had finished and got dressed and got in the car and turned the heater up only for Lukasz to notice a street where he wanted to photograph me so I had to strip off and hug myself in a street for another freezing ten minutes whilst he clicked away.

But Lukasz is the nicest guy.


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