Sunday, 20 February 2011

BEATITUDE by Martha Brown

BEATITUDE by Martha Brown
Beatific it certainly is. I am blessed by the opportunities that having Parkinson's Disease has given me like meeting the lovely Martha Brown. Martha was a mature student at Thames Valley University in Ealing and wanted to do some portraits. I came to the college on 14th January 2009 but Martha did not like the resulting images and so we came back for another shot at the photographs and this time she had her daughter as her assistant and we got on very well and she was very helpful with the lighting.

I have to say that it is a very personable picture and a favourite of many of my friends and other people. In fact, when Parkinson's UK agreed to assist me with my appearance on the Fourth Plinth, they supported the performance by, inter alia, sending out press reports to various parts of the media accompanied by a copy of this photograph which they specifically requested.

Martha felt I looked too glum and insisted that I smiled. So I smiled.


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