Friday, 18 February 2011

AFRICA by Aubrey Kurlansky

AFRICA by Aubrey Kurlansky

Aubrey is an artist and designer who lives and works in Dulwich. As a designer, he is a creative thinker with the skills to bring his concepts to life. He is just as much at home refreshing a brand, developing a new consumer product or creating an interactive environment. He embraces creative briefs that challenge and stretch the knowledge and skills he has acquired over the last 15 years. He calls it “thinking without boundaries” which maxim he has adopted in his photographic work no more so than in his ambitious project “The Map of the Human Body”. 

Aubrey advertised for participants in this project which involved close up, often abstract images. This was a serious attempt to explore images of the human body and the ability of those images to surprise, move or shock. The context was as important as the intention and his intention was to celebrate and map the beauty of the human landscape. 

So, I took off my clothes and climbed onto a table in his home studio and allowed him to explore me with his camera. 


I'll go down to Africa                                   

When I fall asleep
The burning plains of Africa

Is where I'm going to be

And I will soon be there 

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