Wednesday, 16 February 2011

THIS IS LONDON by Carlo Nicora and Fabiana Zonca

THIS IS LONDON by Carlo Nicora and Fabiana Zonca

Carlo and Fabiana are an Italian couple living and working in London.
Carlo is a CTO/Developer Manager interested in photography, leadership, social networking and books. Fabiana is an HR specialist also interested in photography as well as fashion, shoes and networking.
“ I am a street photographer moving into portrait shooting” says Carlo. “ I like photos with character, showing expressions and emotions. I like to capture the real moments from people. I am professional, focused and driven. I ask the same from the people who are willing to work with me. This does not mean it is not fun working with me, on the contrary!"

Carlo advertised for people to partake in street photography and l met him and his photographer girlfriend, Fabiana, to discuss what we would do on the shoot which took place on 11th October 2008. It was agreed that I would choose two area of London which would be used for the shoot and that these would be the bookstalls bellow Waterloo Bridge near the National Film Theatre and the flat where my parents lived during the last War. The bookstalls were appropriate for two reasons; first, I love the NFT and have spent many happy hours there watching films on my own and with my children and secondly, my daughter used to think when she was little that this area was London because that is where we always came when we said we were going to London.  Carlo asked me to look at some books and, on his signal, to look round but not straight at him. They both took photographs on that day but I am pretty sure that this is Carlo’s.


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