Friday, 5 March 2010

COOL WATER by Linda Brownlee

COOL WATER by Linda Brownlee
Linda comes from the same stable as Jo Metson Scott and Thom Atkinson in that they all once shared a studio near Regents Canal in London.

I met Linda in The Dove pub in Broadway Market quite close to her studio and showed her the portfolio and she showed me hers. She was extremely pleasant and very keen on the project and so we agreed that we would meet for a shoot at some stage. It was on 5th March 2010, some nine months later, that we met again for the shoot. Not for want of trying but it shows how busy the more successful photographers can be.

We met in North London and she drove to this park in Whipps Cross Road and we wandered around in the crisp early spring weather trying various locations. Then she found a suitable vista and asked to go and stand on the edge of the water. It looked very inviting even on this cold morning and when I went into a preparatory diving position, she called out "Go for it!" I don't think she knows how close she was to getting a different shot.

It is a beautiful photograph, wonderfully composed and the colours are amazing; it is one that receives a lot of favourable comments. Thank you, Linda, the photograph and you were worth waiting for.