Wednesday, 29 April 2009

BOUM! by Pascal Renoux

BOUM! by Pascal Renoux
I first heard of Pascal through Neil Huxstable who was a great fan and  was trying to emulate Pascal's style and indeed has done so very successfully.

I looked up Pascal's website and saw these beautifully lit nude studies and so immediately wrote to him to ask if he would photograph me if I ever made it over to France to see him. He replied confirming that he would. Some months later, Jane and I found ourselves on his doorstep of his house in the small village of Bouin.

Pascal immediately made us feel at home and we discussed what I wanted from the shoot and then got started. He took us up to his studio which had a beautiful soft light coming through the white curtains the effect of which was increased by the reflective material on the ceiling. He also took photographs of Jane and of us both together.

We were then treated to a fabulous lunch and chatted for quite a while before reluctantly taking our leave of him. He is a thoroughly nice bloke and great company.

Pascal Renoux