Tuesday, 16 December 2008

ACTION MAN by Alex Sandwell Kliszysnki

ACTION MAN by Alex Sandwell Kliszynski
I came across Alex's work on a chance encounter with his website and, having seen his doctored photograph of a body builder, I thought how neat it would be to have a similar image of myself. His original series of images comprised mainly barbie doll images of young women in provocative, pornographic poses.

His work explored the idea of the human/doll composite. It was intended as a satirical take on the pornographic image, posing questions about desire and fantasy and their representation in mainstream post-feminist culture.

He draws attention to the objectification of the body and, at the same time, the disassociation between the commercialised male sexual fantasy figure and everyday experience of human relationships.

We met at what was then the Market Coffee House in Brushfield Street London on 12th November 2008 and he kindly agreed to take my photograph.

ALEX in 2008
The shoot took place in his home studio near Cambridge and we spent an interesting three or four hours taking the photographs and discussing music, photography, films and the fact that his CD collection was stacked in alphabetical order. I was incredibly pleased with the resulting photograph although it often provokes a quizzical reaction from those who view it. It makes them feel uncomfortable which I guess was the original idea.

Alex still lives near Cambridge with his family.

WEBSITE: http://www.xandersandwell.com/