Thursday, 27 November 2008

NOBODY TOLD ME by Dafydd Dil

NOBODY TOLD ME by Dafydd Dil
Dafydd was born and raised in Dundee and had a fairly typical Scottish upbringing as the middle child of two sisters. At the age of 15, he enrolled at Dundee College where he started his education in Photography, learning the technical skills that made it possible to turn his thoughts and imagination into images.He moved to London and, in 2006, he joined 12 classmates in a Photography course at the City and Islington College and London Metropolitan University. The thirteen of them formed a close bond and, in May 2008, they formed the group “Thirteen” and exhibited for the first time as a collective at the AOP Gallery in East London. Dafydd now divides his time between Germany and England but regularly meets other members of the group.He continues to exhibit widely. 

Dafydd, a thoroughly nice person, came down to our house in Milford to photograph me. As part of his own project, “The Beautiful People”, Dafydd wanted to capture people doing something that is completely natural for them, eg cooking, gardening, reading the newspaper etc. but to photograph them doing these things in the nude. I suggested that we concentrated on me both reading The Guardian and also listening to music on my headphones. I chose the latter for this project. The photograph shows me listening and dancing to John Lennon singing “….nobody told me there would be days like these………”

And nobody did.